Friday, November 12, 2010

It's been a while... would appear that I just up and abandoned my blog altogether hey? Anyone out there miss me?! Yeah, i pretty much gave up on it as I remained on the injured list. I guess originally this was intended to be a running blog and since I wasn't really able to run anymore then I didn't feel like just getting on here to complain about being injured and how much i miss running!

Well being injured wasn't really the only reason i haven't been blogging...i guess i've just been busy with life in general and took a brief hiatus. Since i wrote last, here are a few things that have kept me busy...I took a trip to Newfoundland, I moved house, I quit a boring job and started a great job. Life is good right now...and once I get past this running problem then it'll be even better!

My last post in July would make you believe that things were good and i was getting ready for a good 4 months of marathon training for NYC last weekend. Sadly that race didn't happen for me as you may have suspected. I'm not "depressed" about my running situation anymore...i do get bummed now and then but i've kind of accepted that taking real time off is needed and that's just what i've been doing. Now that i've had this foot problem for over a year and missed a great running season...and sat on the sidelines and watched my brother and friends have a blast in so many races and on great training runs...i've realized that i really don't want to miss another running season. My focus is getting healed and ready to go for next season!

I'll try to start blogging more regularly again as I do miss it! And now that winter is upon us, you can expect lots and lots of ski stories and pics that's for sure! Andrew recently purchased a VW Westfalia and you can definitely expect some adventures in that on blogs to come :) I'm friggin pumped!

Not sure how Logan feels about it yet :)


  1. Glad to see you are alive!One word for you to get fit & injury free again "TRIATHLON" I dont know if it will help you,but doing bike or swim training will keep you fit & may help you overcome your injury.Take Care,Cam.

  2. We peeps are always hanging out waiting for you to pop back in. You're running problem is not running, right? It's been awhile to be off and hasn't self healed? I hope you can get it sorted out with your doctor!

  3. Egg Nog heals all injuries Deb :0)

  4. Bout time you've updated your bloggy! Love that photo of Logan.