Monday, July 19, 2010

Getting Down to Business!

This past week was my first official week of training for the New York marathon on Nov. 7th. Because my foot has been a problem for so long, i've never been able to get into any kind of routine with running and I wasn't getting in more than around 10km for most runs. Lately though, it's been good....real good. I'm hoping that last week was the start of some good training to come.

I was dreading my "long" run of 16km on Sunday morning as I feared that i'd get to about the 10km point and then the foot pain would start and i'd be limping home for the last 6km. It always seemed to be good until around 10km so i haven't attempted anything longer in ages. I was relieved that it all went well yesterday and I was walking around perfectly fine after without pain and again had zero pain when getting out of bed this morning, wahoo! Since one of the causes of Plantar Fasciitis is tight calves, i've been stretching and rolling the S**T out of them, as well as wearing compression socks more often (like all day yesterday after my run!). I think this is a big reason why my foot has been doing so well lately.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a good solid 4 months of training for this marathon. I really miss training and miss running fast. I feel like I have a lot more speed in me and after a great season last year, i'm hoping I can continue to improve from here on out! I've heard the course for New York is pretty tough and not to expect any PBs...I think they say something like, take your marathon PB and add on at least 10 mins to get your projected time. Ah well...getting PBs aren't going to happen all the time and it's not like I need one to have a great race...but hey...they also told me I couldn't PB in Boston and look what happened there ;-) So who knows right? I'm not going to lie and say it isn't a goal of mine!

I'm taking today off but am looking forward to tomorrow already as i'm itching to get out for a run! I'm also already pumped for next Sunday's long run and where I might go.


  1. I'm so excited that you're doing NY! We have to keep blogging and sharing our training throughout the next few months.
    I hope your long run goes well, I haven't done 16 yet this training round but I have to get this half over first!
    I share your issues with the pf, is it getting any better?

  2. Yikes, I'm sorry to hear about your plans for NYC. I hope it's not definite. Time off is good though. Let me know if I can be of any help...hugs!

  3. Hi!

    Nice post.. Enjoy training and running.

  4. I miss your blogs! Are you still doing NYC Marathon this weekend?