Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Waterton + Winter + Camping = Awesome!

Almost 2 weeks ago now I went to Waterton for some hiking and camping with Andrew and his friend Jim, as well as Logan and Andrew's dog Duke. I love winter camping and I had also never been to Waterton before but have heard a lot of awesome things about it!

We didn't end up hiking as much as we had intended but it still turned out to be a great trip! We backpacked in our stuff a short 1.5km to Crandell Lake where we set up camp. Here are some pics that I took as well as Jim (who is quite the photographer so I won't take credit for those nice scenic shots!!)

At the Trailhead

Crandell Lake
(Jim's pic)

Getting caught giving Andrew a smack!
(Jim's pic)
I'd love to know what was so funny...
(Jim's pic)

Testing out the foot...pain free yet?
oh I miss trail running...
(Jim's pic)
Crandell Lake
(Jim's Pic)

Duke checking things out near the water...
it's cold and he's loving Andrew's scarf!! (Jim's pic)

Cooking area near Crandell Lake (Jim's pic)

Andrew and Jim enjoying some "Hot Toddy's"...we had no lemon
but we put in some oranges instead...not bad at all!

Hanging up the food bag!
(and yup, the Warden told us there were still bears out in the area at this time!)

Getting cozy with the dogs in the tent :)
Good morning! It snowed while we were sleeping!
Breakfast time! Andrew cooking up Backpackers omelettes
from the bag...actually SUPER tasty! (Jim's pic)

Logan keeping an eye on breakfast!

Andrew and the dogs hiking back out to the truck.

Andrew and Duke overlooking Upper Waterton Lake (Jim's pic)


  1. Nice pix. Thanxs for sharing. I used to Winter/snow camp in the Cascade Mts. of Washington state growing up in Seattle. Lots of fun in the snow! Is Logan a pure breed Malamute or a mix?

  2. Wow, winter camping!! That must be for the super hard core ones!! Bet the dogs kept you nice and warm though:-)

  3. [IMG][/IMG]
    I am into making little stove/chimneys for under a tarp.It makes winter camping more fun.