Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cheers to a Happy 2014!

Well I didn't post a typical blog like most people do - reflecting on the past year, looking forward to the next. I thought about it, and then I got busy having too much Christmas fun :) Now it's January 9th and I felt the need to write something! I'm stoked for the new year - am really hoping to train smart which includes a good amount of cross training, to be able to toe the line for all the great races i've got lined up in 2014. As shown over on the side of my blog, my exciting trail schedule includes the following
Registration hasn't opened yet for Yakima but i'm pretty sure i'll do it. Have been wanting to do that one for a while. It is only 2 weeks before Miwok though so I will definitely have to not overdo it there and make sure I'm having a lot of fun and soaking up the views!

On a side note - January isn't off to the best start running wise as out of the blue on Dec. 28th my knee just started slightly hurting during the end of a run. Then the next day it hurt more and the following day a lot more. This was the knee that I fell on and injured last year and couldn't believe after running pain free for 3 months, not doing anything crazy like upping mileage or pace out of the blue, it just started aggravating me! So I took a week off and this week i've been slowly getting back into running by doing the walk/run thing on the treadmill and gently testing out the knee. It seems to be handling this well so far and hopefully it was just being cranky after an icy run I had up at Nose Hill.

I wanted to take part in some snowshoe running and racing that's coming up but 1. I want to take it easy on my knee and 2. my running snowshoes have completely disappeared. I've searched everywhere and can only find my regular pair. Grrr. Hopefully they're around somewhere. I might hold off on this anyway until after Mexico - we head out to a friend's wedding in Cozumel in 2 weeks. I'm pumped! I'm hoping to get a lesson in SUPing. I've been wanting to do this FOREVER and I realize it's much harder than it looks. Wish me luck :)

Happy New Year!

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