Monday, December 2, 2013

Sinister 7 Take 2

Yay, I managed to get through the stressful registration process yesterday and register for the Sinister 7 Ultra! I was in Vernon for the weekend visiting my family and couldn't leave to make the drive home to Calgary until after registration. Last year I think this race sold out in like 12 mins so I knew it would be crazy again - if not more so this year as the race has been extended to be a full 100 miler now which appeals to a lot more people. 

Anyway, it was super stressful as the site was slow and bogged down and I was definitely doing a little panicking when 20 mins had gone by and I couldn't get the site working in my favour! But I'm happy to say I'm in and pumped to be toeing the line again next year! A chance to redeem myself after last years stupid fall ending my race early!

Here's a pic of me running it as part of a relay in 2012. It was like 30 degrees that day....

In other news, yesterday was the beginning of the 3rd annual Strides Running store #stridesrunstreak. Basically you run every day of December and I've done it so far each year! It's fun as they have prizes and little things going on to keep you motivated. The rules state that you only have to run a minimum of 1 mile per day but my own goal is a minimum of 5 km. Unfortunately today we're having a blizzard in Calgary and super cold temperatures all week. While I'm usually pretty good running in all kinds of conditions and temps, I'm feeling particularly wimpy this week and will likely be spending quality time with my treadmill!

Happy running! And stay warm out there!

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