Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Care for some Rice-A-Roni?

Why haven't I been blogging? It's not cuz I don't have fun stuff going on to talk about...just haven't felt like writing much I guess. But today I feel like writing...i'm in a great mood and I feel like sharing! I'll give you a little hint...if I blurted out "Rice-A-Roni" in conversation...would anything come to mind?

If you continued on by singing "...the San Francisco treat!" then you've guessed it! In 48 hours from now, Andrew and I are going to be on a plane...heading to San Francisco for a mini vacation! I'm pretty sure there won't be any eating of Rice-A-Roni on this trip however :)

I don't think i've been on a vacation since running Transrockies in Colorado last August so it's definitely about time! I've never been to SF but our time there will be brief as what we're mainly going to do on this trip is hike and camp (with maybe a little run in there somewhere :) in Yosemite!!!

I'm freakin pumped to be going there...only wish we could stay longer but i'm sure we will make the most of every minute there! We booked our flight in early January and finally the trip is here! Andrew and I spent the day yesterday getting all of our gear ready for the trip and also spending a little money at MEC on some things we needed.

I'll be back next Tuesday and promise to update soon after with a good blog post and some sweet pics of our trip! :)


  1. I LOVE SF! I have been there twice to visit my BFF who lives there. Beautiful place! Have fun...

  2. Hope you are having a great trip!