Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring skiing at its finest!

About a month ago a few of us at work planned on Saturday as being the best day for us all to get together to go skiing at Sunshine! And we couldn't have picked a better day! After the hill getting a ton of snow this week, I knew it was going to be a good day for skiing...and it just happened to be blue bird skies to boot! Here are a few pics I managed to get with my iphone...

Maria, Scott, Miro, John

Me...thinking i'm taking a pic of everyone but only getting myself lol

I think this is at the top of Goat's Eye Mountain

Maria and Miro at lunch chillin on the patio

After a long day of skiing I was pretty tired and spent a nice evening watching movies and cuddling with Logan on the couch! I wrestled with the idea of running on Sunday but after getting 4 good consecutive days of running in last week, I decided to take a day off. I slept in....enjoyed some fun girl time over a late breakfast and a little shopping...and then the rest of my afternoon with this guy...

Logan on the bridge to Edworthy Park, overlooking the Bow River

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