Saturday, March 20, 2010

"the Episode"

Today was a beautiful day...and spring skiing up at Lake Louise! I had a feeling it was going to be icy as we haven't had any new snow out there in a week...but didn't know just how icy! The front side is always the worst for it and I immediately tense up and it's like I forget how to ski all of a sudden! I just hate the feeling of trying to slow down but hitting an icy patch! Ugh!

One particular part of the day found me on a mogul section that had giant moguls close together with ice all around them and in a pretty steep area. I was not a happy camper. I've actually started to really like moguls lately and have fun in there but not today. At one point I psyched myself out and completely froze on the spot all freaked out. Poor Andrew had skied down and stood there watching me and very patiently waiting while I eventually forced myself to move along. Later this would be known as "the episode" as he so lovingly called it lol. It's true...and when I got down from that section I was stressed and angry by it! I've been trying so hard to get better and have been...but ice is what I hate more than anything!! Plus I always get frustrated and feel bad when I'm skiing with someone who is so good! Like I said...he's very patient and thank goodness for that :)

The backside of the mountain was a lot more fun for me for sure! And I managed to get to ski in some much more fun mogul spots that weren't so intense! They ended up being one of my favorite runs of the day! Andrew and I got there early and got in a full day of skiing along with a little time out on the patio in the afternoon enjoying a beer. It got soooo warm. I started the day pretty comfortable with what I had on for -11...then when we left at the end of the day it was +8 and I just wanted to strip down!

Anyhow, as much as my lower body is completely aching from being so tense on the hill today and putting my legs through hell...i'm on my way out to celebrate a friend's 30th birthday! She's one of the last to join the rest of us in the dirty 30s! :)

I'm going to aim for no hangover so I can get in my long run tomorrow! It's supposed to be 12 degrees, wahoo!

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